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Sundown Tint & Graphics

Sundown Tint is the state of Alabama’s only authorized Huper Optik dealer for Automotive Installation. We have over twenty years of experience in window tinting. All window tint is computer cut before it is applied to your vehicle, therefore no sharp objects are used in the application of the window tint, preventing scratching of the glass or an accidental cut in your interior.  So make Sundown Tint your choice for all of your automotive tint needs.

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Benefits of window tinting:

Avoid Overheating – Block up to 63% of heat.

Skin Protection – Block 99% of UV rays.

Accident Protection – Holds shattered glass

Enhanced Privacy – Help prevent theft.

Safer Driving – Reduce uncomfortable glare from the sun.

Protect your Car – Prevent interior sun damage.

Benefits of vehicle wrap advertising

 Reaching Customers – Vehicle Graphics go where the customers are — every pick up and delivery is a marketing opportunity.

Lower CPM – Vehicle Graphics have a much lower cost for impressions than other media.

Fixed Cost – The cost of Vehicle Graphics is fixed, whereas the costs for other media are renewable.

Tax-deductible – In most cases, Vehicle Graphics, like other forms of advertising, are tax deductible.