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The Most POWERFUL WINDOW TINT on the planet!


Car and Vehicle Tint Birmingham, AL

Sundown Tint is the only one in Central Alabama authorized Huper Optik dealer for Automotive Installation. We have over twenty years of experience in window tinting. All window tint is computer cut before it is applied to your vehicle, therefore no sharp objects are used in the application of the window tint, preventing scratching of the glass or an accidental cut in your interior.  If you are looking for car tinting, window tinting and legal car tint application for your car, Sundown Tint is your go to solution.

Sundown Tint is the only company in Central Alabama authorized to sell Huper Optik’s Nano Technology Window Tint Film. We are the best, because we sell the best and the Best stand behind their product, 100%. Our them has been known in Birmingham and throughout Alabama for the professionalism and longevity of our tint. Schedule an appointment today to see why we are the best.

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“600 Views per…Every. Mile. Driven.”

Now That’s Marketing

Sundown Vehicle Wraps is the premier vehicle wrap company serving the Birmingham, Alabama area. Our extensive knowledge in the vehicle wrapping business makes us the leader in vehicle advertising and vehicle marketing. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to increase revenue by a vehicle wraps or a stabilized company looking for profit generated and guaranteed visibility for your company, Sundown is the go to company to help in the projects.


Interesting Facts:

No other form of marketing is more seen than a vehicle wraps. Not TV, radio, or your website!

Vehicle wraps are the premier way to advertise your company. Our exclusive 3M technology ensures your vehicle wrap is guaranteed to adhere to your vehicle without any issues. Your vehicle wrap or vehicle graphic will improve your bottom line, increase leads, generate revenue and put your company in front of thousand of people who weren’t even looking for your industry (but they remember your vehicle).

All it takes is to fill out the form below to get started.

Let us start “wrapping” for you today!


Is it worth your money compared to other marketing media’s?

“Minute for minute, view per view and “cost per view” is compared below so you can see your return of investment when getting a vehicle wrap to market your company.

With a vehicle wrap from Sundown Wraps, your business is guaranteed to get the maximum exposure it deserves.”




Hit and miss if your audience watches these channels

<p><center>Magazines $21.46</center>

Magazines $21.46

Magazines are becoming obsolete and it’s a special market

<p><center>Newspaper $19.70</center>

Newspaper $19.70

The limited people who get newspaper limit your views

<p><center>Primetime TV $18.50</center>

Primetime TV $18.50

If you don’t choose the right channel, people don’t see it

<p><center>Radio $7.75</center>

Radio $7.75

You have to choose all radio stations to be effective

<p><center>Outdoor Signage $3.56</center>

Outdoor Signage $3.56

Seen only if they drive by it

<p><center>Wraps $.35</center>

Wraps $.35

You drive, they see it
You park, they see it

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